Spend more time with guests, increase bookings

We take work off your plate, handle bookings, payments, guest communication and reviews. So you can do what you love most, curate and deliver new experiences.

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Built exclusively for you

Tictern is exclusively built for curators of experiences and activities. If you an experience business, Tictern is for you.

Solo / Freelance

Get started, curate a small number of experience and build a brand.

Small Teams

Offer multiple products, scale effortlessly. Own your data and grow your brand.

Your important workflows on autopilot

Easy as making a google form, but helps you increase direct bookings, save time and money.

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Multiple DMs, forms and follow-ups


Simple, modern, always on booking interface

Leave the patchwork of apps, tools behind

Save yourself time, effort by simplifying your operations. Bring everything in one place and let the automation takeover.

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Grow and expand your product offerings

We make it easy for you to add more products. Increase your revenue lines, and engage with your guests.

Physical Products

Sell local art, souvenirs, memorabilia, merchandise, local products that align with your philosophy and brand.

Digital Products

Giveaway or sell digital products such as e-postcards, posters, and cover designs that your guests can use or share.

Virtual Experiences

With live, recorded experiences, your guests can discover cultures, food etc., from anywhere or learn more after the IRL experience.

Subscriptions & Gifts

Sell subscriptions as a theme-based pack. Experiences make great gifts, let guests gift experiences to friends and family.

Level-up to the new experience commerce paradigm

Own the guest relationship and all the data that comes along. Build your own experience brand on your terms.
Retain 100% of all your earnings. No transaction-based commissions.

Acquire guests on a social network or a marketplace

But build a relationship and retain them with Tictern

Everything you need to get started and grow your experiences business